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Why are people horrible? There are already people in my class ready to treat future students like shit once they become certified radiation therapists and find a job. Why—just why? Because YOU were treated like crap when you were a student? That just doesn’t make the least bit of sense to me.

I know how terrible it feels to be a student and be hated and paired with people unwilling to teach you. I nearly quit x-ray because of it. It is honestly one of the worst feelings needing something from someone as important as your education, and having them keep it to themselves just because they don’t like you.

I hear about therapists that automatically say, “I don’t like students” without even giving them a chance and it honestly sickens me. Of course I’m not going to do well if I was never properly taught.

I could write a fucking novel on this subject. I just know that if I ever get the opportunity to have a student learn from me, I will treat them like fucking gold and make them the best therapist/radiographer/whatever to my ability. It is so fucked up to rob people of their learning experiences.

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This girl in my class must be the inspiration for the sad blob from those Zoloft commercials. Just with malicious intentions. I hope she finds peace of mind at some point or another. But until then she can suck my cock.


The Inverness Tribune
New Evidence in Age Old Case, Bus 447 Found
Tribune Staff Writer

A bizarre turn of events have authorities baffled as remnants of the mysterious Bus 447 have been discovered this morning in Ashlen Forest. Investigators came across the rusted pieces of metal while searching for Judith Whiteman, the sixth person to have gone missing from Sunflower County within the last seven months. The fragments of the missing bus, which disappeared without a trace on November 8th, 1932, were found scattered and heavily damaged, suggesting a crash site, deep within Ashlen Forest. Police have yet to find any traces of the 17 children and bus driver that were on the vehicle, however, the personal items of Judith Whiteman (44), Leanna Hurst (36), Thomas Witt (31), Jenny Sprang (44), Christopher Michaelson (53), and James Ifland (20), were found in a cabin near the site along with the most unusual piece of evidence—a group photograph of the passengers of Bus 447 as well as the six missing Inverness locals, standing near the cabin.

"The children in the photograph haven’t aged a day," Detective Alexa Uldricks commented to the Tribune, "but the similarities are uncanny, right down to the uniforms they wore in the 1930’s photograph." When asked for an explanation, Uldricks responded, "For all we know, this could just be some elaborate hoax, yet no evidence suggests that the image has been fabricated in any way." No new word on the whereabouts of the passengers or newly missing persons has surfaced.

she felt like the plumed seeds of a dandelion
that waits for the softest breath from his lips
to lift her through the spring sky

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For a long time I’ve felt like I was a shitty friend because I’m kinda introverted and don’t necessarily like going out much. A lot of times, after a long day at work or school, I just want to be at home and relax or take a nap. I do this a lot more often than most, I guess, but hey, that’s how I am and I enjoy it. No, going over to your house and “relaxing” over there is not the same thing to me. Please understand that.

School and clinic are stressful as fuck and doing two programs back to back is draining me physically and mentally. Going home and getting all dolled up to go out and party after working an 8 hour shift without getting paid and getting treated like I’m not a human being does not sound like a good time to me. Especially if I have to do it again the next day, or sit through a 5 hour physics class on a Saturday.

I know I’m a pain to actually willingly go out with people but I feel like if you know me, and can say that we’re friends, you should know that about me. For me to have ever willingly gone out to a disgusting, dirty club with you and have my ass rubbed on by some anonymous dude’s cock, I must love you a whole lot more than others. Please keep that in mind.

Maybe things will change when I have more time but just know that it takes a lot for me to hang out with people and if I have with you then I’ve given you more of my time than I give to most.

School is stressing me the fuck out on a whole new level.

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People say that being a radiation therapist is a depressing job because you form bonds with your patients from seeing them on a regular basis and eventually, they just stop showing up. They’ve either finished their treatment or passed away.

I feel like it’s depressing because as a therapist, you try your best to be as considerate and friendly to your patients as possible—you want to make them feel as comfortable as you can. You learn to treat people with the utmost sympathy and compassion and in return, they treat you the same.

And then you step out of the clinic or hospital setting and all that courtesy and generosity is gone. You keep that same mindset of being kind to others, though this time it’s not reciprocated.


On the way back from Gainesville after the most boring radiation therapy seminar of my life.

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